Classic 7/8″ Corrugated™

Classic 7/8″ Corrugated™ Panel is an economical, structural, exposed fastener metal roof and wall panel. Deep corrugations allow for aesthetically pleasing shadow lines, making it an excellent choice for siding or roofing applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Deep corrugations offer a bold, aesthetic look
  • Strength of panel design allows for longer spanning and greater allowable loads
  • Recommended minimum pitch 3:12
  • Short-cut capability down to 1″, no short cut charges
  • Easy-to-order standard and custom made trim and accessory packages available for specific project needs
  • Long length flashings available up to 21′ 0″
  • Fiberglass panels available to match profile

Material Specifications

  • 26 gauge ARMOR TECH™ Painted Steel, .019″ Steel (thickness prior to painting) Per ASTM A-792, Grade A,  AZ50 Zincalume
  • 26 gauge Zincalume® Plus Steel, AZ55 – Clear Acrylic Coating, Per ASTM A-792
  • 24 gauge Kynar 500® Painted Steel .0236˝ (thickness prior to painting) G-90 Galvanized or AZ-50
  • 24 & 22 gauge bare Zincalume plus with Clear  Acrylic Coating-AZ-55
  • 22 gauge Kynar 500® Painted Steel .029˝ (thickness prior to painting G-90 Galvanized or AZ-50: Select colors, see data sheet for details
  • 22 gauge Rusteel™ (Cold Rolled) and 22 gauge Rusteel Plus (A606)
  • .032 Kynar 500® Painted Aluminum: Select colors, see data sheet for details
  • 24 gauge Bonderized (G-90)


  • Kynar 500® 20 Standard Colors, 5 Metallic Colors and 4 Specialized Colors
  • ARMOR TECH™ 14 Colors
  • “Cool” color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain to dwelling, and conform with ENERGY STAR® criteria
  • 40-year residential paint warranty
  • 20 and 30 year commercial paint warranty: (Contact TMP for warranty specifications)
Classic 7/8″ Corrugated Data Sheet
Classic 7/8″ Corrugated™ Install Guide
Kynar™ Color Charts
Kynar 500® Data Sheet Specifications
Armor Tech™ Color Charts
Armor Tech Warranty
Kynar 30 Year
Commercial Warranty
Kynar 40 Year
Residential Warranty
Zincalume 25 Year
  • Long term cost less expensive than composition or tile roofs
  • Roofing system will last 40+ years
  • 27 colors to chose from
  • Low to little maintenance, wash it off and you’re done
  • Perfect for high wind areas and snow country
  • 40 year paint fade warranty
  • Class A fire rating
  • Energy Star Cool Rated color lower energy cost
  • Solar panel compatible
  • Manufactured with recycled material
  • Quieter than you think
  • Weighs less than composition and tile roofs
  • Learn more by visiting our Benefits of Metal Roofing page.